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Technical Details on an SDR Supercluster with Eight HackRFs

A few weeks ago we posted about Reddit member u/OlegKutkov who used
his HackRF supercluster to receive Starlink beacons, but details on
the HackRF supercluster project itself were a little sparse. Now Oleg
has posted a full description about the HackRF supercluster, noting
that the 8 HackRF's in the system can provide up to 160


Multichannel ALE and GMDSS Decoding with Black Cat Systems Software

Black Cat Systems have recently released two new programs that may be
of interest to HF monitoring enthusiasts. The first is a multichannel
capable ALE decoder and the second is a multichannel GMDSS-DSC
decoder. Both programs are not free, with an (introductory) price tag
of $29.99 each for three parallel input channels, and $99 for


Receiving Starlink Beacons with an RTL-SDR and LNB

Derek OK9SGC has recently posted a write-up of how theyâ€Öve been able
to receive the Ku-band beacon signals from the Starlink constellation
of communication satellites continually launched by SpaceX since 2015.
While we recently covered Starlink Beacons being captured with a
HackRF Supercluster Derek has noted that receiving the beacons
requires little more than an


TechMinds: Testing Off-Grid LoRa Radio Mesh Text Messaging with

Low cost ESP32 based LoRa capable boards have been available from
marketplaces like Aliexpress for some time now. They typically include
features such as LoRa, WiFi or Bluetooth and GPS all on a PCB board
with small screen and battery holder for mobile use. LoRa is a modern
IoT communications protocol that is designed to


SignalsEverywhere: Spectrum Analyzer and Tracking Generator with Pluto

In the latest video on the Signals Everywhere YouTube channel, Sarah
investigates how a PlutoSDR can be used as a Spectrum Analyzer with
the SATSAGEN software. The SATSAGEN software is able to work as a
spectrum analyzer by rapidly sweeping over multiple frequencies and
stitching the spectrum slices together. It support SDRs like the


KrakenSDR Crowd Funding Campaign Ends Fully Funded

Thank you to everyone who has backed or been following our KrakenSDR
project on Crowd Supply. The initial funding campaign has now
concluded with almost 5x our minimum funding goal! If you missed out,
please don't worry as the product is will still be available for sale
on Crowd Supply at the campaign price, but


Black Friday Sales on Airspy and SDRplay Products

Black Friday is upon us again. This year we were not expecting any
major sales as the component supply chain crisis has meant that many
electronic products, including SDRs are very low in stock. However,
there are two great sales that we have found: Airspy Airspy is holding
a 25% off sale for this years


CaribouLite Crowd Funding Launched: A $119 30-6000 MHz 13-bit 2.5 MHz
Bandwidth TX/RX SDR Hat for the Raspberry Pi

Back in June of this year we first posted about the upcoming
CaribouLite product which is a software defined radio HAT for the
Raspberry Pi. The project has just launched on Crowd Supply with a
price tag of $119 for the CaribouLite, and $69 for a CaribouLite ISM
only band version. The product is expected

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