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Posted: 29 Oct 2021 11:00 PM PDT

Episode 373 - Paul Mower - VA6MPM   	 		 			 				 					 						          				 
	 								 					 						  Paul Mower, VA6MPM, treks across the Canadian  
Rockies, often for days at a time, alone.  Faced with the prospect of being  
out of touch in the wilderness, amateur radio connects Paul to the outside  
world when he is far beyond his cellular telephone coverage.  Paul has  
figured out how to travel light with maximum usability and enjoys working  
SOTA, Summits on the Air, from some of the most remote outposts in the  
world.  VA6MPM is my QSO Today.   					 							 		 	    	 		 			 				 					  
						    Show Notes     					 								 					 						    Sponsor  
Transcription     					 								 					 						    Listen to Podcast     				 
	  August Expo Presentation:  Paul Mower VA6MPM and Michael Johnson WO9B -  
SOTA in the Canadian Rockies - with Questions & Answers

Short SOTA Activations, Video Example

Hometown: Jackson, Wy

US Forest Service
Kenya Forest Service
University of Nairobi, Business
Cutting for Stone, a novel by Abraham Verghese
Exporting Kenya Agriculture
Mt. Kilimanjaro
Rift Valley Escarpment
Political Science
Latter Day Saints (LDS Church) Mormons
Zaibatsu Trading Organization
Honda Trading
Alpine Club of Canada, Backcountry Huts
Bow Hut Tour Video
Avalanche Probe
Trekking Poles
Elecraft KX2 HF Portable Transceiver
Fan Dipole Antenna
Chemical Hand Warmer
SOTA Mountain Goat Status
Cypress Hills, Canada
Pecos Wilderness
Radio Club: Central Alberta Amateur Radio Club
Mountains in UAE
Parks on the Air

Advice to new or returning hams: find something that interests you.       
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4Z1UG.    Subscribe     					 								 					 						         VA6MPM Station -
Elecraft KX2, RM Italy HLA 305 HF Amplifier, LDG AT-200 Pro Antenna  
Tuner         SOTA from Helena Peak, Canadian Rockies         SOTA from Mt.  
Thompson, Canadian Rockies         VA6MPM "Top of the World" Ham Shack   			 

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