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Subj: [TWIAR] PODCAST: This Week in Amateur Radio Edition #1183
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This Week in Amateur Radio

PODCAST: This Week in Amateur Radio Edition #1183

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 02:52 PM PDT

Release Date: October 30, 2021 Here is a summary of the news trending This  
This posting includes a media file:

Via the ARRL: Amateur Radio Emergency Service and SKYWARN Respond to Major  

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 08:31 AM PDT

A major norâ€Öeaster struck eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island this week,  
with ferocious winds stronger...

Via the ARRL: East Coast Amateur Radio Service Offers Support for Amateur  
Radio-Related Initiatives

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 01:52 AM PDT

The East Coast Amateur Radio Service, Inc (ECARS) has announced that it can  
provide financial...

Via the ARRL: ARRL Concurs with Two FCC World Radiocommunication Conference  
Advisory Committee Draft Positions

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 01:49 AM PDT

ARRL has told the FCC that it agrees with two World Radiocommunication  
Conference (WRC) Advisory Committee (WAC)...

Via the ARRL: Australian Telecoms Regulator Reports High Interest in New 2   
1 Contest Call Signs

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 01:46 AM PDT

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) amateur radio  
office has been receiving a high...

Via the ARRL: Well-Known Amateur Radio Contester and DXer Will Roberts,  

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 01:14 AM PDT

An experienced and successful member of the amateur radio contesting and DX  
community lost his...

Via the ARRL: US and Region 2 Amateur Radio Direction-Finding Championships  
Results are In

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 01:07 AM PDT

The results are in for the 20th US ARDF Championships and 11th IARU Region  

Via the ARRL: President Names Rosenworcel FCC Chair, Announces Planned  
Nominations to FCC, NTIA

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 01:04 AM PDT

President Joe Biden this week designated FCC acting Chairwoman Jessica  
Rosenworcel as Chair and announced...

Via the ARRL: Hams Support Chicago Marathon

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 12:57 AM PDT

A team of 135 radio amateurs from four states supported medical teams  
volunteering for the...

Via the ARRL: ARRL Foundation Scholarship Program to Accept Applications  
Starting on November 1

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 12:50 AM PDT

The ARRL Foundation will start accepting applications for its 2022  
scholarship program on November 1....

Via the ARRL: Russia-Ukraine "Radio War" Trying Patience of IARU Region 1  
Monitoring System

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 12:48 AM PDT

The International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 Monitoring System (IARUMS)  
reports in the September issue...

Space Weather Update: CME impact expected, G3 storm watch

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 12:45 AM PDT

What a day yesterday. The spectacular X1.0 solar flare (which is the second  
strongest solar...

Space Weather Update: X1 solar flare with a major CME

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 12:43 AM PDT

Earth-facing sunspot region 2887 erupted today with a major X1.0  
(R3-strong) solar flare that launched...

via the RSGB: Have you changed to GMT?

Posted: 30 Oct 2021 12:41 AM PDT

Clocks in the UK will change to UTC or GMT on Sunday, 31 October 2021,...

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