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VK National News 28Nov21

Weekly news from the WIA:
MP3 edition of news available at: 
Text edition:










Mr Hill, vk3vzp, and Ms Clay were last heard from in March 2020 when they travelled via Licola, spending one night at Howitt High Plains before heading into Wonnangatta Valley on March 20.

Mr Hill  was last heard from the next day in a QSO via Amateur HF radio, with vk3ek stating he was at Wonnangatta Valley in the Victorian Alps.

Campers later found Mr Hills vehicle with signs of minor fire damage at their campsite, which was completely burned out, near the Dry River Creek Track in the Wonnangatta Valley on March 21.

Inspector Andrew Stamper last week said the strongest theory investigators had was that there was third party intervention.

Last Monday, a male suspect was been taken into custody, charged with 2 counts of murder Thursday and appeared (by video link) in court Friday, some 20 months later. He is to appear in court next May 2022.

(TV News Reports)



Many thank Graham and a warm greeting to all listeners of the WIA Broadcast wherever you might be across Australia or in fact around
the World.

This is WIA President Scott Williams, VK3KJ and I hope this announcement finds you and your family safe and well.

Just a couple of quick messages on behalf of the WIA Board this week.

Election of Directors 2022  Call for Nominations

In accordance with the Constitution of the Wireless Institute of Australia, three Directors will retire at the conclusion of the next Annual General Meeting which will be held in May 2022. The actual date will be announced shortly. The three Directors retiring are:
Lee Moyle VK3GK, Oscar Reyes VK3TX and Philip Shields VK2CPR.   
Each retiring director is eligible for re-election.

Nominations will be shortly called for persons seeking election as a Director of the WIA. In fact, the coming edition of AR Magazine due out in the next few weeks will have the full announcement including details where to access the nomination form. Nominations will be open until 5.00pm (AEST) on 31 January 2022. Just a reminder that to be eligible to become a Director, you must be a voting member of the WIA and hold an Australian amateur radio licence. The full requirements to comply with will be contained within the nomination form. I am also pleased to announce that John Marshall will continue in the role of Returning Officer. The Board wishes to extend our ongoing thanks to John for fulfilling this important role.

Thats it for me this week and Stay safe and well.

Best wishes, Scott  VK3KJ


In  a recent update issued a month or so ago by the ACMA relating to the Amateur Service it covered two items:  the first item was the approval of what are described as contest callsigns which are single character suffix callsigns, usually called 2x1 callsigns that are issued on a 12 month term basis.  This first item was widely publicised among the Radio Amateur community, and there was a rush to apply for one of these callsigns as they are by their nature a very limited resource in the hope of gaining an advantage in contests. However it was the second item that was of much more significance to the Radio Amateur community that received almost no zero coverage. 

The second item was in regard to the pending decision by the ACMA as to whether the ACMA change the Radio Amateur licence from an apparatus licence to a class licence. As you may be aware, the ACMA initiated a consultation on this matter and stated their preferred option was to change to a class licence.  Class licences currently apply to spectrum use by such things as CB radio, Wi-Fi, low power usage by remote controls and other similar community uses, but the technical compliance onus is on the device manufacturers not the operator. The ACMAs intent is almost certainly to reduce their internal overheads and costs from managing the Amateur Service radio Spectrum. This is understandable given the year on year budget cuts, described euphemistically as efficiency dividends.  In this second item in the ACMA update it describes the decision criteria that will apply to their deliberations on a class licence, and it is unsurprising to find that return on investment is one of the p!
 rime crit

The WIA prepared an extensive consultation response which identified the inherent deficiencies of their class licence option and proposed revisions that would avoid negative impacts should the ACMA proceed with a, hopefully revised, class licence.

One of my concerns is the recent change in the regulator publications where it refers to the Amateur Service as a hobby. Nowhere in the legislation or legislative instruments is the Amateur Service described as a hobby, but rather a technical pursuit without pecuniary interest of experimentation and self-training. Why is this a concern?  The spectrum we have access to is of immense commercial value and a regulator mindset that this a hobby made up of often grumpy radio amateurs in what appears externally to be a selfish pursuit of a hobby is not conducive to balanced decision making. And that is a very real concern.

This is Greg, VK2GPK


& the World Wide sources of the WIA.  

We begin this week by putting out the welcome mat to some new radio amateurs on board the International Space Station. One of them is even in charge of the crew! Neil Rapp WB9VPG told ARNewsLine how Raja Chari,
KI 5 LIU, is the newest commander of a NASA space mission. Raja and his three fellow members of SpaceX Crew-3 are now aboard the ISS
having made the trip aboard the Endurance.
According to the Associated Press, the US Air Force test pilot from Iowa is the first rookie to command a NASA mission in several decades. The mission is expected to last six months.

It promises to be a busy six months for the crew, which includes 
Matthias Maurer KI5KFH from the European Space Agency. The German 
astronaut will be involved in more than 35 experiments while on board 
the ISS. He will also be using the German callsign DP 0 ISS during  a
dozen scheduled contacts with German schools through the Amateur Radio
on the International Space Station program.

For now, the newly constituted crew of the ISS is keeping a very low profile. The Russian military's intentional destruction of an old Soviet-era intelligence satellite has launched a cloud of space 
debris into low-Earth orbit. More on this aspect to come here on WIA national news with Col VK3GTV in Special Interest Group news. 


Former RSGB and IARU-R1 President G3BJ presented with award
The IARU Administrative Council, the AC, recently presented the Michael J Owen Award to Donald F Beattie G3BJ.

The Michael J Owen VK3KI Award is not bestowed every year. Michael Owen was involved with the IARU for over 40 years. His multiple roles as a volunteer included time as a Director and Chairman of Region 3 and as IARU Vice President and Technical Expert, in addition to extraordinary accomplishments as President of the Wireless Institute of Australia. He made substantial contributions of his time and skill before and during both WARC-79 and WRC-03.
The AC established the Michael J. Owen, VK3KI, Memorial Award to perpetuate his memory and to recognize those outstanding volunteers whose exceptional service to the IARU reflect the spirit, hard work and dedication of our departed friend and colleague.

Don Beattie G3BJ is known to many of you and his years of dedicated work to IARU perfectly capture the essence of the Michael J Owen VK3KI Award. Don has always been wise counsel to the AC and we can all appreciate his unselfish commitment to the IARU. Dons support of the Amateur Services has been exemplarily. He is certainly a very worthy recipient of the Award.

Ham radio exams in Belgium cancelled as 4th wave hits hard.

The COVID pandemic in Belgium has caused the communications regulator BIPT to cancel all amateur radio examinations.

All registrations and exams are on hold until the situation is stabilized.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to take this exam online.


Think you don't have room for an antenna? Researchers are 
experimenting with one antenna that's so small it might just blend into the wallpaper.

Scientists at Princeton University's Keller Centre for Innovation in Engineering Education have done just that. They're basing their work on something called large-area electronics, which allows electronic circuits to be created on material that is both thin and flexible. As a result, they're hoping to develop an antenna array that could be incorporated into something as thin as wallpaper or even a skin patch. Their findings are published in Nature Electronics.

A report on the website quotes Naveen Verma, the senior author of the study, describing how the researchers adapted zinc-oxide 
thin-film transistor technology for wireless use. They created a phased array of antennas in a row that is 30cm, or one foot, long.

These antennas could be located practically anywhereeven as wallpaper in a roommaking it potentially compatible with devices being driven as part of the internet of things.

Dayton Hamvention 2022 is not just going to be a premier HamFest but a reunion, as organizers prepare for the first gathering at the Xenia Fairground and Expo Centre in Ohio after two years of cancellations.

Hamvention general chairman Rick Allnut WS8G said in a phone interview that committees have been meeting and volunteers are committed to making up for the time lost to pandemic cancellations.

Hamvention will be happening on Friday May 20th through Sunday May 22nd with an international reception scheduled on Thursday May 19th. Rick said the registration site is already taking bookings from vendors and inside exhibitors and individual visitors can already buy their tickets. All details are available on the website.

Rick said: "Tickets are all printed and ready to go."


When they couldn't hold their national HamFest as planned, hams in India decided to celebrate ham history  and you can participate too! 

Although COVID-19 precautions spurred organisers to postpone 
HamFest India until 2022, the HamFest India 2021 organising Committee 
went ahead with plans to offer a national celebration online, marking 
100 years of amateur radio in India. The commemoration of amateur 
radio's centenary in India was hosted by the Mysore Hams using the Zoom platform. The committee included Shankar Prasad VU2SPK and Madhukar VU2MUD.

The two-day programme was livestreamed on YouTube and a recording is 
available for viewing on the HamfestIndia 2021 channel there.



French HQ station wins IARU HF World Championship

The REF HQ station TM0HQ has achieved first place in the IARU Headquarters Stations contest for the 6th time.

Team France TM 0 HQ would like to thank all the stations which contacted them in sometimes very difficult conditions, and which allowed a very good score this year.

The TM0HQ team thus finished first for the 6th time: 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2021.

Consult the website of the French team for more

Oh and NEXT contest is July 9 and 10, 2022.



NOT ONLY BUT ALSO - The CQ World-Wide  CW contest Nov 27-28


Peel AR Groups 80m Slow CW Corroboree on Sunday morning December 4th.


December 4-5 160 Meter WW


 DECEMBER  11 - 12 10 Mtr World Wide


 January, the entire month every year is the 
 00:00 UTC 1 January to 23:59 UTC 31 January 


There is little over a month to go for the annual Ross Hull Contest (Marathon).  All of January 2022.

Read the rules understand the rules and ask questions if you do not understand how they apply.

One of the frequently asked questions:

I am entering in another contest over the month can my contacts count in the Ross Hull.

Yes of course they can however you must do two things -

First you must exchange the requirements of the Ross Hull Marathon - Signal report, Serial number and 6-digit grid square (if possible)

Second if the contest you are in allows multiple contacts, we need you to include ALL contacts - not cherry pick - if the station worked has miss heard you then you may be penalising yourself.

Above all the Ross Hull Marathon is the celebration of the amazing life of a pioneer of amateur radio Enjoy the contest and we look forward to hearing you on the bands

This is Trent VK4TS for the Ross Hull Contest 2022


 Summer 2022 - 0100 UTC Saturday 15 January
 through       0059 UTC Sunday   16 January (differs in VK6).




Be listening for the callsign HF 150 KCH and 3 Z 150 PO activated by 
SP2KFQ, until November 30th. The activation is part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the first railway line in Chojnice, where their club  station is located.

See the club's QR Zed webpage for all details.



Vladimir OK2WX, is on the air as 5 H 3 WX from Zanzibar until the 3rd of December. Listen on 80 through 10 metres where he will be using CW and SSB. Send QSLs to HA3JB.



Listen for John Paul, KN6NNF, in Uganda where he is using the callsign 
5X3Z on 20 and 10 meters using FT8. QSL to 5X3Z via LoTW.




Don, K6ZO will be QRV as D60AB from November 22 to 29. Activity will be on the HF bands using CW and SSB. QSL direct to home call K6ZO.



SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS. Lee, DS4NMJ is QRV as DT8A as part of a scientific team on the King Se-Jong Korean Antarctic Base on King George Island, IOTA AN-010, until December 31. Activity is on the HF bands using CW, SSB and FT8. QSL via DS 5 TOS.




Radio Caroline - 30 years ago
Dave Kitteridge wrote on Facebook

On 19th November 1991, a fierce storm broke the anchor chain on the Ross Revenge. Battered and bruised and without power she drifted 17 miles until she ran aground on the notorious Goodwin Sands. In the early light of the morning her crew was helicoptered off and she was left alone to succumb to nature.

Over the years hundreds of ships and countless lives have been taken by the Goodwin Sands and for a while it looked as if Ross Revenge was destined to become another one. However, she is a remarkable ship, and after four days effort by two tugs she was recovered and taken into Dover Harbour where she was promptly arrested and served with a detention order.

It looked like the end for Radio Caroline, but the station moved to land-based studios, the Ross Revenge was restored and is now used regularly for monthly live broadcasts

Caroline continues ...


AMSAT-VK Secretary - secretary(at)

ANS-325 AMSAT News Service Weekly Bulletins

From: Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
712 H Street NE, Suite 1653
Washington, DC 20002

DATE 2021 Nov 21

Russian Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Missile Generates Debris Cloud, Threatens ISS and Other Assets in LEO

On Monday November 15th, the Russian Ministry of Defence launched a
anti-satellite (ASAT) missile, destroying their Kosmos 1408 satellite.
Kosmos 1408 was launched on September 16, 1982 and was in an orbit of 679 km x 645 km with an inclination of 82.5 degrees.

The destruction of the satellite caused the generation of at least 1500 pieces of debris, orbiting between 300 km and 1100 km. As the satellite was just above the ISS's altitude, this debris cloud potentially threatened the astronauts and cosmonauts on board the ISS, who were forced to take shelter in their crew capsules during the second and third passes of the debris field.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson released the following statement condemning the Russian test:

Earlier today, due to the debris generated by the destructive Russian
Anti-Satellite (ASAT) test, ISS astronauts and cosmonauts undertook
emergency procedures for safety.

Like Secretary Blinken, Im outraged by this irresponsible and
destabilizing action. With its long and storied history in human
spaceflight, it is unthinkable that Russia would endanger not only the
American and international partner astronauts on the ISS, but also their  own cosmonauts. Their actions are reckless and dangerous, threatening as well the Chinese space station and the taikonauts on board.

Space is already crowded, but now there are at least 1,500 trackable
fragments and, possibly, hundreds of thousands of smaller yet
still-threatening pieces of debris in low Earth orbit, Bankston said.
While space stations have the capability to move out of the way, with
sufficient notice, most satellites in low Earth orbit, including those
designed, built, launched, and operated by AMSAT, do not. As such, they face greater risk of catastrophic destruction or degraded mission
functionality, if struck by fragments from Russias destruction of

On a happier note:-

Its happy 47th Birthday to AMSAT-OSCAR 7, which launched on November 15, 1974 and is still operational in sunlight. November 15th is an important date in amateur satellite history. AMSAT-OSCAR 40 also launched on November 15, 2000 and Qatar-OSCAR 100 is celebrating its 3rd birthday, having launched on November 15, 2018.

November 15th is also the birthday of AMSAT's Founding President Dr. Perry Klein, W3PK.




Operators Manju/S21AM, Fazlay/S21IRC and possibly Aminul/S21D will be active from Manpura Island between December 16-22nd.

It was reported the callsign S21DX got approval from Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission.

They will operate with two 100w stations into one multi-band beam, two verticals and 1 multi-band inverted V. 

Activity will be mainly SSB on 10m, 15m, 20m and some 40m also


Medical Amateur Radio Council
TRANSMISSION is loud and clear between the Bendigo Amateur Radio and Electronics Club and the La Trobe University Student Paramedic Association.

The Paramedic Association raised funds for an AED device back in 2019, and finally got the chance to deliver it last Wednesday week. BAREC president Neil Patton expressed his thanks to the student paramedics. 

 The arrival of the defibrillator fulfils certain aspects of our strategic plan and it will be of service to BAREC members and visitors to the Bendigo East Hall.

LASPA Representatives Matilda Henley-Johnstone and Zoe Biggs conducted a CPR training session, providing BAREC members with the skills and knowledge to use the defibrillator, if it was needed.

BAREC is an affiliation of the Wireless Institute of Australia, and supports people interested in taking up amateur radio, used for alternative communications as a hobby. The group meets at 10am on Wednesday mornings, at the Bendigo East Hall, Lansell Street.

A sub-group of BAREC, the Pedal Radio Group, focuses on health by combining portable amateur radio with cycling. Last month, the group joined the Great Cycling Challenge and raised just under $1400 to fight kids cancer.

And you can see more of the AED presentation on the video version of this news broadcast compiled by Bevan, VK5BD.

(bendigo times)

Emergency Centre of Activity (CoA) frequencies  
3.600, 7.110, 14.300, 18.160 and 21.360 MHz  

Region 1 3760  7110  14300  18160  21360 kHz

Region 2 3750  3985  7060  7240  7275  14300  18160  21360kHz

Radio amateurs assist in rescue of firefighters buried in cave
On Sunday, October 31, the State Network of Emergency Radio amateurs REER-SP provided support in the care of the disaster that occurred in Altinpolis / SP

Twenty-eight civilian firefighters were carrying out an exercise in the Two Mouths Cave when part of the cave collapsed, leaving nine deaths among the victims buried. The search and rescue operations were carried out by the Fire Department of SP, with the support of the State Civil Defence.

THE REER-SP had important participation providing communication between the Command Post, installed about 800m from the basement, and the rescue area, difficult to access. To overcome this distance, it took between 30 and 40 minutes of narrow trail walking in dense forest. The volunteers of REER-SP involved the work in the early hours of the morning, continuing until 8 pm.

The participation of the radio amateurs was effective, providing infrastructure and radio equipment to enable communication between the Operation Command and the rescue teams, who were without contact due to lack of telephone signal or internet. The support of the radio amateurs brought greater agility to the operations, enabling the command to receive and transmit messages directly to the rescue team.


Emergency radio concept to support crisis communication
DARC reports the flood disasters in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate have shown that functioning communication in crisis situations is of great importance, but not a matter of course  

A translation of the DARC post reads:

The DARC department for emergency and disaster radio has taken the knowledge from the affected areas as an opportunity to develop a concept for future support of the population in such emergency situations.

In times of prolonged communication failure, the unit would like to be prepared in order to be able to support the population and independent helpers on site. That is why we created a concept that many external helpers from business, aid organizations, the fire brigade, the German armed forces and politics helped develop, explains Oliver Schlag, DL7TNY, the DARC's federal officer for Emergency and Disaster Radio eV.

An active emergency radio that broadly supports society is good evidence that we radio amateurs can use the frequencies assigned to us responsibly and in the interests of the community. But we are also dependent on help from business and politics , concluded the DARC emergency radio officer.

Further information at


 2021 Social Scene

 Due to the COVID-19 situation, please check these events'
 direct for up-to-date status information and even without 
 Covid dates have an uncanny knack of being changed at last

 Coronavirus (COVID-19) latest news, key facts and figures,
 contacts and answers to your questions.

VK3 SPARC Rosebud RadioFest February 13, 2022 9:30AM (3VK3PDG) 

VK5 - Australian Fox Hunting Championship and SERG Convention
       Mount Gambier SA Queens Birthday weekend June 2022


The sensational new revelation that MH370 was in a holding pattern for 22 minutes off Indonesia raises a host of questions, says aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey interviewed in

Mr. Godfrey is using new tracking technology called WSPRnet and says
he is able to detect and track aircraft anywhere in the globe and at any time currently or historically going back as far as 2009.

This system has been undergoing a number of tests that have been set up by an ex-Qantas Captain Mike Glynn and adjudicated by which have been very successful.

Having verified the technology Mr. Godfrey is tracking MH370 and found that MH370 entered a race track shaped holding pattern for around some 22 minutes off Indonesia.

Mr. Godfrey says that the holding pattern raises a number of possible questions:

Was the pilot in negotiation with the Malaysian Government?

Was the pilot waiting for a signal that the demands had been met?

Were the passengers and crew of MH370 held to ransom by the pilot?

Or he asks was the pilot just checking that he was not being followed by using a holding pattern or just saying a final goodbye and taking one last breath before turning south into the Indian Ocean?

STILL more questions than answers on an airline mystery that may outlast the Amelia Earhart disappearance of 1937. Amelia and her Navigator Fred Noonan were last reported as being seen just an island or two away from the MH370 flight, east of Indonesia as they flew over New Guinea


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