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PCL Net Scribe Nov. 8, 2021

WX4QZ, Daryl, Arkansas (Alternate Net Control And Scribe)
NS2B, Bob, New York (Net Control And Sysop)
VA7RBP, Rick, Canada

No early checkins.



GE to all...lots to talk about again (hi hi).

Once again, a reminder that with the holidays 
coming up, The PCL Net will NOT meet on the 
Mondays of Nov. 22, Dec. 20, and Dec. 27. I 
do wish folks safe travel during the holidays. 
Bob (NS2B), too bad I can't afford to travel 
up to Missouri to have a regional eyeball QSO. 

Note that other nets may take the holidays off. 
Bob (NS2B), either you or I can post a bulletin 
reminder message to folks...let me know what 
you want to do on that.

We're supposed to get rain and thunderstorms 
from late Wednesday through Thursday, but the
amounts don't look to be all that impressive. 
Deer hunting season starts this weekend, but 
it sounds like some hunters are starting early,
with sounds of gunfire. The cooler weather
will make the deer really come out. But, hitting
a deer with your vehicle is not the way to get

I'm still trying to get financial assistance
for the medical bills. With the night vision
issues (which are starting to show up during
the day), I may end up selling the car sooner
more than later. I may have to postpone the
eye surgery if I can't get help from a friend.
I found out that the "Medicaid" I have just pays
the monthly Medicare premium...and I don't have
any other Medicaid...never mind supplemental 
insurance. At least the house insurance will 
still have the "multi policy discount" until 
next August, if I end up selling the car 

I had an OM and his XYL stop by for an eyeball
QSO last night. She had promised him that she
would get her ham radio license after they got
married, so they wanted to know about the exams. 
He wants to upgrade to General, and she wants 
her Technician. But, she has a learning disability 
and digestive tract issues, and wanted to know if 
we could come to their residence and give the test. 
I said "Of course", and added that "I can give you 
an exam without graphics, read the questions to 
you, and you tell me the answer you want (A, B, C, 
or D)". I also told her that she could miss 9 and 
still pass, and that if it took her a dozen tries 
or more to pass the exam, even if just barely, she 
would have as much right to be on the air, as 
someone who aced it the first time. I added "the 
guy or girl who graduates dead last in medical 
school is still A DOCTOR...but I might not want a 
prostate check or a pelvic exam" (hi hi). I've had
2 women in the past break down and cry when they
failed the test. Since I'm not "Field Stocked" (I
had turned all my stuff in last year, as I didn't
know when I'd test again, due to COVID-19), I'm
working on getting some supplies for the session.

With lots of contesting, the bands were as crowded
as college football stadiums. I'm glad that mode
was never my cup of tea. I prefer ragchewing, nets,
doing a forum for new hams, and license exams. I've
got to get ARRL/VEC to help me with the Exam Tools
Software the former Exam Maker software
used Adobe Flash, and that has been discontinued,
due to security issues.

So far, Windows 11 hasn't been too
least I didn't have to reinstall anything.

I've got plenty of food and drink to last the
rest of the month, and I only try to check the
Post Office Box once a week. Gas prices have
really least with the groceries
deal at the local chain, I'll get 30 cents a
gallon off the next time I fill up.

I checked with ARRL on the thing of station
identification with digital modes. Apparently,
if there's a time where you are on voice (such
as D-Star, DMR, WIRES-X, or Fusion), you have
to still ID your station. If you're just on
packet, APRS, PSK31, etc. with no voice, the
software identifies for you.

I'd rather over-ID than under-ID...I don't want
a pink ticket from the FCC. The only good pink
ticket is the pink copy of the CSCE I send to
ARRL/VEC of an examinees new license or upgrade.
The FCC still hasn't announced when that $35 fee
will take effect, but it likely will be early
2022. At least my ticket doesn't expire until
March, 2029. I love that I can scan in all the
exam documents, create a PDF file, and upload
all that to ARRL/VEC. I did an exam session on
Oct. 23, and 48 hours later, the examinees had
their licenses and, that's fast!!
I hope the government doesn't shut down on Dec.
3, plus there's a bunch of other deadlines that

Bob, I only bowl on the computer anymore.

Rick, it's not just Microsoft...even though
tomorrow is a second Tuesday update. There is
apparently a deal with the Macs lately, where
the batteries are running hot...a fire risk.
Not good.

That's all for me...everyone have a good week.
Thanks to all the net controls, veterans, and
first responders. I'll upload the scribe in a
bit. B2U, Bob. >>>



Good Evening Bob, Daryl and anyone else on the net.

Another one of those week that disappear fast and 
you can't remember much...

Just been playing on the radio, with robust packet, 
VaraCT (VARA CHAT variation) and the occasional bit 
of JS8.

The only excitement was yesterday, My main radio pc 
decided to stop putting out video, so spent a good 
chunk of the day troubleshooting. I removed all 
cables and devices and hooked up only one VGA monitor, 
and the video came back.

So I reconnected my big monitors one at a time, and 
reconnected all the TNC's and sound cards, and it's 
still holding.

Then this morning my backup PC decided it was going 
to go into startup repair mode when I turned it on.

Don't know what the heck is going on, but for the 
moment everything is still running.

Maybe Microsoft is mucking about with the updates 

That's all I have...B2U, Bob. >>>



This week I took down my tri-band vertical and went 
up with one of those short OCF dipoles - seems to 
work pretty good!

Went bowling in Syracuse - just as bad at it as I 
ever was - I don't why I'd think I'd be any better 
since I only bowl once every 3 years!! 

Daryl, I always ID out of habit - but I sorta thought 
the way D-Star is setup that you were automatically 
ID'ing - but what do I know!  You're right, no pink 
tickets needed!

Thanks for doing the scribe! And thanks for being here.
Speaking of Veterans Day, that's coming up this Thursday.
Seems odd to have a day off in the middle of week, but 
works for me!

Gas prices are crazy here too - but not as bad as 
California from what I hear.

Rick, the computer I use for digital modes will about 
once a month decide it doesn't want to boot up - 
generally all I have to do is wait a few minutes and 
then power cycle it and it comes back to life - something 
must need to warm up!

Everyone have a safe week, be well, 73, and GN. >>>


Daryl, WX4QZ

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