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PA2SNK > TECHNI   19.01.22 22:32z 62 Lines 2041 Bytes #25 (0) @ WW
BID : 5559_PA2SNK
Subj: Re:Packet with 1k2?
Sent: 220119/2222Z 17114@PI8SNK.#FRL.NLD.EURO [SNEEK/SNITS] FBB7.01.35 alpha

# Generated by: TstHWin v2.21b - Registered to PA2SNK
# On : 19-1-2022 23:18:12
# UTC: 19-1-2022 22:18:12

>R:220119/1747Z 17108@PI8SNK.#FRL.NLD.EURO [SNEEK/SNITS] FBB7.01.35 alpha
>R:220119/1737Z @:PE1RRR.#NBW.NLD.EURO #:31692 [Rijen] $:J1WDB0WAL00Q
>R:220119/1736Z 22404@W0ARP.#NCO.CO.USA.NOAM LinBPQ6.0.22
>R:220119/1736Z 32143@CT1EBQ.CTLX.PRT.EU LinBPQ6.0.22
>R:220119/1736Z 21544@CT7AXA.CTLX.PRT.EU LinBPQ6.0.22
>R:220119/1735Z @:GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EURO #:58714 [Caterham Surrey GBR]
>R:220119/1735z @:ON0AR.#AN.BEL.EU $:J1WDB0WAL00Q
>R:220119/1735z @:DB0RES.#NRW.DEU.EU $:J1WDB0WAL00Q
>R:220119/1748z @:DB0WAL.#NRW.DEU.EU [Waltrop, JO31QO] obcm1.07b3
>X-Info: No login password
>Hi again!
>Thanks all for the Reply!
>At Evening time, we are already a small group of users here in convers.
>ItДs so funny to have the old stuff running again. yes it is not Hamnet of
>course, but makes a very
>good contrast to the boring FT8 without conversation (...donДt hit me...i do
>FT8 as well) but full communication back and force is just better!
>So, yes nice to see you all "again" here. My last connect wih AX25 anywhere
>should be 26 or 28 years ago.

I never stopped using it.
Started with it at age 14 i think on cb.
And still doing it on cb also.
In summer there is alot of traffic on cb ch24 fm ch36 lsb.
On packet for about 26 years now but still is fun to do it never bores.

>See you on /c 21 in convers :-)
>73 Andre / DL4QB

                                о     о
                                о     о
                               ооо   ооо
                              оооо   оооо
                            оооооо   оооооо
                             оо  ооооо  оо
                             о    ооо    о
                           ооооооо   ооооооо
                         оооооооо     оооооооо
                   CB2SNK te Sneek/Snits (Friesland)

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