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BID : 3N29_I0OJJ
Subj: Re: Jnos Packet List Server
Sent: 210615/1454z @:I0OJJ.ITA.EU [Rome] $:3N29_I0OJJ

>From Tue Jun 15 16:54:52 2021
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>From: Gustavo Ponza <>
Organization: SICD Rome
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On 6/15/21 12:47 PM, wrote:
> R:210615/1105z @:I0OJJ.ITA.EU $:6932_UT1HZM
> R:210615/1103Z @:EA2RCF.EAVI.ESP.EU #:14967 [Vitoria] $:6932_UT1HZM
> R:210615/1101z @:SR1BSZ.SZ.POL.EU $:6932_UT1HZM
> R:210615/1103z @:OK0NBR.SP.BRA.SOAM $:6932_UT1HZM
> R:210615/1102Z 15173@OK2PEN.SP.BRA.SOAM [Sao Jose dos Campos] $:6932_UT1HZM
> R:210615/1101Z 49612@OK0PBR.#MOR.CZE.EURO [Brno] $:6932_UT1HZM
> R:210615/1047Z 6932@UT1HZM.KREM.POL.UKR.EU BPQ6.0.21
> Hello, Jean.
>> To  : JNOS@WW
>>      I have created a mail list server for JNos, just like to one found on internet but restricted to packet.
> I've read before too about that lists, but what's the practical point, other than
> just check how many 'live interest' or to test the skills of writing software for these lists-servers?
> Why not just use packet BBS directory like JNOS@WW etc and post info or ask Qs?!
> This media space is already created for such things!
> Maybe its worth to do other think - for example forward to packet bulls some of main hamradio
> internet lists of interest, like: satellites, digitalradio, fbb, bpq, jnos etc.
> For example, just few years ago we had bulls in SATDIG@WW - it was forward of ham sats internet list -
> its was fun to read it in packet bbs! W/o going to subscribe directly to it on internet mail.
> 73, Sergej.

while I completely agree as per statements above,
last days tried to setup a client/server based on
NNTP for downloading some historical hamradio news
groups and then gateway'ng them into packet radio.
All seems going well now :)

Now, after practiced on the matter no problem to
add an indefinite number of newsgroups based on
NNTP, so, if you have any useful link let me
know. Thank you!

73 and ciao, gustavo i0ojj/ir0aab/ir0eq
non multa, sed multum

begin-base64-encoded 666 c2lnbmF0dXJl

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