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Subj: nntpserv stability fix
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>From Sun Jun  6 22:05:07 2021
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>From: ve4klm@ve4klm.#wpg.mb.can.noam
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A test file for anyone running NNTP services, look under rsync, new file :


Or grab it from using wget :

     wget --no-check-certificates

Copy it to your nntpserv.c, and 'make' ..

Protects (from crashing) when nntpserv gets newnews, and there might
be questionable entries' in history file and / or remote group strings.

This 'should' also allow you to access as many groups from the remote
string as they can send (if that makes any sense). The limit was hardcoded
before and JNOS would crash if the remote sent too many of them. The hard
coded string length was just over 500 bytes. It's dynamic now, so no limit.

I'll move it over to nntpserv.c at some point, but if anyone wants to 
test it.

Feel free to submit JNOS logfile entries if you see anything ...


Maiko / VE4KLM

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