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VE4KLM > JNOS     20.04.21 15:32z 36 Lines 1620 Bytes #86 (0) @ WW
Subj: Updated - 2.0m.Gx is available (rsync)
Sent: 210420/1520z @:VE4KLM.#WPG.MB.CAN.NOAM [Winnipeg] $:A0E90_VE4KLM

 1) ax25 heard has been 'revamped', new 'heard via digipeater' feature,
    so that you can actually see stations not directly heard, I created
    this due to my crazy obsession with Robust Packet lately and seeing
    all the APRS frames coming in on 30 meters, many via K4KPN-10, nice
    to know who else you can QSO with (indirectly), really liking this.

    the save/load functionality improved, you can specify save and load
    file now, and times are FINALLY accurate on load, this took a lot of
    effort, but worth it in the end I think. I have NOT included saving
    of the latest digipeater heard list (yet), that will be next time.

    To be honest ? I hated the introduction of the 'show' subcommand, so
    the original 'ax25 h <iface>' is back and will stay that way ...

    command help dialogue now taken from a NEW usage/ax25/heard.txt file
     (create new /jnos/usage/ax25 directory, copy heard.txt over to it)

    there is a sample JNOS script 'reportRPR.nos' if you are interested :]
     (it has a problem though, creates LOTS of defunct processes, so you
       might not want to use it alot - if you can fix it for me, great)

    I have NOT updated j2addendum.txt (yet)

 2) The VARA IP Bride code now included, no need to extract the tar file anymore

      #define EA5HVK_VARA
      #define PPP
      #define REMOTE_RTS_PTT    (an option if you have no VOX control)

    Going to try again to write VARA for access mode, because quite honestly
    so far it seems to be the only way it's being used, very integrated into
    the winlink system as well by the looks of it ...


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