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UT1HZM > JNOS     17.10.19 12:43z 15 Lines 321 Bytes #999 (0) @ WW
BID : 56902_UT1HZM
Read: HF1L
Subj: Re: Re: UT1HZM > how to reply to a bulletin ? help :]
Sent: 191017/1232Z 56902@UT1HZM.KREM.POL.UKR.EU BPQK6.0.18

Hi Brian

>> But use BPQ32 web interface, its quite simple, just press Reply and then 
>> change msg type to B and To: path.
>I don't imagine that'd be very efficient however at 1200 baud duplex or
>at 300 baud HF :)

Its done over LAN in shack. 
Then mail FWD via HF only here, Pactor1-3 or 300Bd PKT.

73, Sergej.

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