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Subj: VK7 Amateur Radio News 16Jan22
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VK7 Amateur Radio News 16Jan22
Text edition: 


FOR SUNDAY 16th January 2022


Welcome to the VK7 Amateur Radio News for the 16th January 2022. At the mike of VK7WI this week is Idris, VK7ZIR.

This broadcast goes out on repeaters all over VK7 and on digital radio - DMR Talk Group 5 and D-Star Reflector 91C by VK7ZCR.

We go out on medium and high frequency courtesy of the following rebroadcast stations:

On 1.862 MHz by Graham VK7GS

On 3.670 MHz by Garry, VK7JGD

On 7.140 MHz by Dale, VK7DG

On 14.130 MHz by Peter, VK7TPE and 

On 28.525 MHz by Tony, VK7VKT

We also go out on UHF CB Channel 15 thanks to Mark VK7FMAC in the Hobart area.

You can hear this broadcast again on Tuesday night at 8:00pm on repeaters VK7RAA in Northern VK7 and VK7RTC in Southern VK7.

VK7 Association Update

We are currently compiling updates to the VK7 SOTA Association register of summits and association information.

If you activate and/or chase summits in VK7 and you have found any issues with the currently mapped summits then please let the Association Manager know by the end of February 2022.

This includes - summit references, names, position, descriptions, etc.

Please send updates and queries to email: vk7tw(at)

Look forward to hearing from you.

73, Justin, VK7TW VK7 SOTA Association Manager

Contest News
Summer VHF/UHF and Above Field Day

This weekend is the WIA Summer Field Day. This year it is being held from 0101 UTC Saturday 15 through 0059 UTC Sunday 16 January (0401 / 0359 in VK6). The reason for the 1 minute less is a gesture of remembrance for Mike Subocz, VK3AVV, the author of the VKCL contest logging program who passed away recently. Vale VK3AVV.

There are many different sections to enter and there is a small quirk that the multiplier for 6M is greater than 2M so lets hope the bands do their bit for us and the DX is plentiful and long in path.

You can operate for 24 Hours or 8 Hours, you can operate on all bands above 50 MHz, you can operate on 4 bands , or 1 band if you wish. You dont even need to go portable but it can be a heap of fun if the weather is kind. To log your contest contacts you will need a logging program, and you will need to know your current 6 digit maidenhead locator. 

There will be a few locals heading out so why not jump on the bands and hand out a few numbers. It doesnt take long and is  a great way to get some activity happening.

The usual call channels will be used locally. Listen out on 52.525 FM and 50.150 SSB also keep an ear on the call frequency of 50.110 but please QSY quickly to keep the call frequency clear. 2M activity will be 146.500 FM, 70cm activity on 439.000, 23cm activity on our net frequency of 1296.150, and 2403.150, 3398.150 and 10368.150.

A great opportunity exists on Sunday morning after the broadcast for many contacts to take place on many bands, our very popular 23cm net on 1296.150 and our growing net on 9cm on 3398.150, so why allow a little extra time and rack up a few contacts on Sunday morning ? There are also all the other “usual” bands to be used so the possibility exists for many contacts.

Your log entries from this contest can be integrated and used as part of the month long Ross Hull Memorial contest that runs for the whole month of January.

Why not give it a go!

As always with contests, please, please, PLEASE submit your log.

See you in the log

73, Richard, VK7ZBX

North West Tasmania Amateur Radio Club
NWTARC Annual General meeting

The first Annual General Meeting of NWTARC will take place at 1.30pm on Saturday 5th February 2022 at our usual venue, the Scout Hall, 73 Alexander Road, Ulverstone.

The ordinary business of an annual general meeting will be:

    To confirm the minutes of the last preceding annual general meeting.

    To receive from the committee, auditor and other persons acting on behalf of the Association, reports on the transactions of the Association during the last preceding financial year of the Association.

    To elect the officers of the Association and the ordinary committee members.

    To appoint the auditor and determine his or her remuneration.

    To determine the remuneration of employees and other persons acting on behalf of the Association.

    To appoint the Public Officer either from the committee or general membership.

All current office holder, committee, auditor and the Public Officer positions fall vacant at the AGM.

Nominations for each office bearer and the Committee members are invited, and should be made in writing to the Secretary, and delivered to the Secretary, at least 10 days before the day on which the annual general meeting is to be held.

The nomination is to be on the NWTARC nomination form, along with the signatures of the Nominator, Seconder and that of the member nominated.

Nomination forms are available from the Secretary.

Members will need to have paid their 2022 membership subscription before the meeting commences at 1.30pm to be able to vote at the Annual General meeting. They will also need to have paid their 2022 membership before they can be nominated or nominate or second someone for office, as only financial members can nominate or be nominated

The AGM will be followed by the February General meeting, 

after which afternoon tea will also be held. Members are encouraged to bring items for show & tell, and club rooms are open till 6pm for members to socialise. 

A small plate of afternoon tea that has been commercially produced would be appreciated, we have single packaged tea, coffee and sugar and disposable cups for members and guests. Visitors are most welcome to attend. And dont forget to use the QR code check-in on entry.

If you have any cold or flu symptoms, or are unwell, or been in contact with a confirmed COVID case, then please do not attend the meeting.

Please note the new meeting start time from now 1.30pm

73, Eric VK7EV, News Officer


The Summits On The Air/World Wide Flora and Fauna parks group is now meeting twice weekly – Mondays and Fridays 10.30AM till 12.00 at the Glebe Gardens Cafe, Henry Street, Launceston. 

For more information contact Al on 0417 354 410.

73, Al, VK7AN

Northern Tasmanian Amateur Radio Club Incorporated

Last Wednesday was club tech night and so we hand over first to President Idris VK7ZIR to give you a run-down of the nights happenings; 

“There were doubts whether we would have any starters for the first Tech Session for the year given the latest COVID situation, as most people seem anxious about venturing out. But a goodly few hardy, masked souls rolled up, and we made ourselves comfortable with the regulation social distancing. There was no restriction however to the flow of discussion and banter, lubricated with the ubiquitous cups of NTARC coffee. 

Pleasantries aside, a laptop was produced by Bill VK7MX which was in a recalcitrant state, as the Windows password had been lost in the mists of time, having seemingly been reset at some point by a well-meaning and much loved grand-daughter. Some brainstorming ensued, but alas it defeated us, so it was passed to André VK7ZAB, who thought he might have suitable re-imaging software to bring it back to a useful state. 

Meanwhile Stuart VK7FEAT had brought in a selection of toroids which caused some discussion over their composition and potential use. We progressed through other topics of a technical and non-technical nature, including storm water drainage and less than welcome inclusions, before deciding to finish the night slightly earlier than usual. An enjoyable evening though with our cosy bunch of participants.

Thats your lot for now, Happy New Year and 73 from Idris VK7ZIR.”

Thanks Idris. We followed that night up with our second week of Friday morning coffee sessions. We had a much bigger roll-up of members for the morning than last week, clearly indicating that despite the trying and worrying times, our members are keen to get back into the swing of things after the festive season. 

We had a bit of a follow-on of Wednesday nights technical topics, as the Friday morning tea produced a good result for Bills laptop. The re-imaging was successful so a happy Bill now has another computer to use or maybe abuse. We also had Trevor VK7TB give us a report on a modification to his Russian Tetrode Power Amplifier project in the form of an ultra-high speed crowbar protection circuit he has designed in case the 2,700 volt high tension applied to the tube decides to misbehave. A very interesting stage of the project. He tells us that the HT supply also represents a very capable welder, hence his desire to keep it tame. Trevor also showed us a military grade WW2 Radar Klystron type CV1795 operating in the 10GHz area, the exciter for the following magnetron stages of the radar transmitter. This was an amazing reintroduction to a component Trevor has first encountered in his earliest days of microwave experimentation. Equally amazingly, Trevor explained that to bring the operating frequency into the appropriate Amateur Band, some judicious but very accurate grinding of the welding on the case was required. Thanks go to Ross VK7ALH, who apparently rolled up with a pocket full of these venerable devices.

Another very pleasant surprise of the morning was the arrival of our Life Member Brian VK7RR, even if many were slow to recognise the face behind the mask. It was great to see you again Brian.

On top of all that, there was plenty of morning tea for all to enjoy. Lets hope these mornings can continue, without further lockdowns or restrictions being required. 

As mentioned last week, the club held its first meeting of the year on Saturday 8th January and again it was great to see so many in attendance. The meeting opened at 14:02 hours and as has become the norm for these events, the agenda was worked through in a timely manner. The Treasurer was very busy as he had three financial reports to table. He did well though and was well able to answer all questions in relation to the Clubs finances. There were few reports tabled, due to the absence of a number of our activity coordinators. There was some discussion concerning the conduct of the forthcoming AGM due to COVID-related concern about possible attendance numbers etc, including consideration of advice received on the subject from the registrars office in Hobart. The conclusion reached was that the Club is obliged to comply with its rules and hold the meeting within two months of the commencement of its financial year on 1 January 2022, unless that becomes impossible due to fresh Tasmanian Public Health Directives. It was therefore resolved that we continue with the intention to hold the AGM on the evening of Wednesday 9th February 2022, as promulgated. There was no further business raised. The minutes will be written up in coming days and hopefully a draft set will be placed on the website. Needless to say, afternoon tea followed.

Talking about the website, our Webmaster has been busy loading up pictures and minutes of the meetings held in 2021 and a Draft copy of the 2021 AGM minutes has also been uploaded. This information can be found in the Members section of the site. 

2022 Membership fees – the Treasurer has been kept busy with renewals and we thank all those members who have paid their renewals. Just a reminder though it would be appreciated if you could also fill-in the renewal form at our NTARC website so that we can update our records and start compiling a members shared contact register. Access to the website can be had by

following the instructions emailed out last year.

If you havent received this letter please email the secretary(at) with your current details.  

To all those members who have not yet paid their 2022 subs, a reminder that you officially became listed as unfinancial on the register on the 1st January. 


TestNet and TECHNET – Wednesday 19th January. TestNet/CW course on 3580 from 7pm till 7.30pm….and a TECHNET on 3567 from 7.30pm till about 8.30pm. Your host for the evening will again be Nic VK7WW. 

Club Tech night – Our next club tech night was due to happen on Wednesday 26th January but as that is Australia Day and a public holiday it will not be happening. Looking at the calender the next session would ordinarily be Wednesday 9th February but that is our AGM night so again, a Tech night off. We must therefore fast forward to Wednesday 23rd February. So folks, you will need to note your diary for Club Tech night for 23rd February. Still, that gives you plenty of time to dig out some interesting curios, circuits, gear etc and any other goodies to bring along. 


Annual General meeting – the Annual General Meeting of NTARC will take place on Wednesday 9th February 2022 at the NTARC Club Rooms, Rocherlea Scout Hall, Archer Street Rocherlea commencing at 19:30 hours (7.30 pm). 

Business at the AGM will consist of confirmation of the Minutes of the 2021 AGM, then reception and consideration of reports from the Committee, including the Treasurers report and reports from our various managers and coordinators. This will be followed by the election of officer bearers and committee person for 2022. The meeting will then consider any item of special business for which the requisite notice has been received by the closing date of Friday 4th February. 

All current office holder and committee positions fall vacant at the AGM. Nominations for each office bearer and the Committee member are invited and should be made in writing to the Secretary, along with the signatures of the Nominator, Seconder and that of the member nominated. Appointments will also be required to the positions of Internal Auditor and Public Officer. 

Please note that for your convenience a nomination form is available from the NTARC club room as well as our website, again in the members section. Nominations close off at COB Friday 4th February. 

Members are reminded that they will need to have paid their 2022 renewal subscription before the meeting commences at 19:30 hours (7.30 pm) to be able to vote at the Annual General meeting. Similarly, they will need to have paid their 2022 subscription before they can be nominated or nominate or second someone for office, as only financial members can exercise those privileges. 

The AGM will be followed by the February General meeting.

The February AGM will be held in the main hall due to it being a larger and more open area, better able to accommodate the required spacing. Entrance on the night will be by the main hall door, please remember to QR code in and sign the meeting register. Hand sanitizer will be provided and masks must be worn during the meeting. 

COFFEE MORNINGS – now again being held every Friday in the NTARC Club rooms. Catch up time is from 10.00 am to noon and we look forward to seeing you all there.

These coffee events represent a good opportunity to collect your QSL cards. We currently have cards awaiting collection, so why not pop in and check the QSL box and join us for a cuppa and chat.

Just a friendly reminder, please demonstrate your appreciation of all the effort that goes into operating the club, its facilities and the other services we provide, especially in these abnormal and very trying times, enjoying the company, coffee, biscuits and cake, by leaving a gold coin or two, or even a small bank note, in the jar to assist in our on-going operations. 

Again a reminder that masks be worn at these sessions but you will be able to remove your mask whilst eating and drinking but it does need to be put back on when finished. A sign has been placed on the screen door reminding all of this requirement.

FINALLY – A reminder to all members that if you have any items of news you would like added to our weekly roundup, no matter how trivial, then please email me at the following address news(at) all items to be received no later than 17:00 on the Friday prior to the Broadcast.

Your continued cooperation in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

We will bring you all such contributions next Sunday morning.

73, Yvonne VK7FYMX, Secretary NTARC Inc

Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania
REAST Open Day

Do you have an interest in electronics, radio or technology?

Come learn and have fun!

The Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania (REAST) will be holding a COVID-safe public open day on Sunday January 30th 2021 from 11am to 3pm up at the top of the Queens Domain.

Amateur Radio (ham radio) is a popular hobby and service that brings people, electronics and communication together. People use ham radio to talk across town, around the world, or even into space, all without the Internet or cell phones.

It's fun, social, educational, and can be a lifeline during times of need.

There will be lots going on in and around the REAST clubrooms and we will have lots of different activities for everyone!

Learn how to become a radio amateur - REAST runs regular courses up on the Queens Domain.

We'll have displays from:

    Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association Amateur Radio Contests

    WICEN TAS South - Emergency / Portable Community Communications

    Microwave & Moonbounce

    ADSB/Aircraft Tracking

    Outdoor Summits and Silos on the Air

    Optical and Morse Code Communications

    Digital Amateur Television

    Amateur Radio Training and Assessments

    Tasmanian Maritime Radio museum and operation

    And much more!

There will be many other general displays and interesting and fascinating things that amateurs get up to as well as a Sausage Sizzle (with onion!), coffee and cake available on the day.

Who could pass up an opportunity such as that!

Please share this event with your friends, family and anyone who would be interested in learning about all things electronic, technology or radio!

The day runs from 11:00am to 3:00pm up at the Queens Domain Clubrooms

See you there.

73, REAST Committee

Training and Assessments

REASTs next Foundation Licence training and all licence assessment day next Saturday the 22nd January 2022.

Registrations for this course are closed but the next one is on 26th March 2022.

If you are thinking of coming along then please let Reg Emmett VK7KK REAST Learning Organiser know by phoning 0417 391 607 or email assessor(at)

Check out the REAST Foundation Licence Training Videos that can be found on the REAST YouTube Training and Assessment playlist.

Checkout the REAST Facebook page events for further details.

73, Reg, VK7KK

Annual General Meeting 2022

In accordance with the Rules of the Association, Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Radio and Electronics Association of Southern Tasmania Inc. will be held on Sunday 6th February 2022 @ 11.00am located at the Queens Domain Clubrooms.

We encourage anyone willing to contribute to the club as a committee member or office holder to nominate for a position.

Nomination forms are available from the REAST Website.

The business conducted at the AGM will include the confirmation of minutes of the last preceding Annual General Meeting and of any general meeting held since that meeting and business arising from the last Annual General Meeting.

The AGM will also receive from the committee, auditor and servants of the Association, reports on the transactions of the Association during the last preceding financial year.

The AGM will then elect the officers of the Association and the ordinary committee members along with the appointment of Ex Officio Officers Bearers and appoint an auditor.

After the AGM there will be a presentation by the Repeater Sub-Committee about the Southern repeater roadmap.

We will be offering a Zoom session for those members unable to come to the AGM due to COVID concerns. Please let the Secretary know if you would like to Zoom into the AGM by emailing Secretary(at)

We will then finish the proceedings with a Free BBQ.

73, Tony Lathouras VK7VKT, REAST Secretary & Public Officer

DATV Experimenter's Night

Our DATV Experimenters Night started with Richard VK7ZBX and  a promotion of the Summer VHF & Microwave Field Day.

We then did a quick segment showing recent 6m openings using a screen grab of the WSPR waterfall. With signals coming and going for 30-45 seconds. Thanks Richard.

Steve VK7OO took the audience through an article to install a parasitic 6m beam for HF Beam design from QST & DXEngineering. Thanks Steve.

We then featured an eBay RF Power Meter based on AD8317 logarithmic detection chip. According to the specifications of the AD8317, it has a maximum error of 5dB at 8GHz.  It has a power input range -50dBm~0dBm (0.001W) covering an input RF signal frequency of 1MHz to 10GHz and input impedance: 50 ohms and claimed accuracy of ±4dBm (maximum)

We then did a quick review of the GPD MicroPC with the good features including: 

Size, Weight, Power - quad core 1.1-2.4GHz, Full function powerful PC, RS-232 port, USB3 x 3, USBC x 1, HDMI, Ethernet and WIFI, Auto fan operation, 6-8hours of battery life operation and was on special with a cost AU$500 landed here

The challenges with the MicroPC unit included - Keyboard size, Mouse keys, not a touch screen, Function key operation is a little clunky with numbers in two reverse lines, It only has audio out - for headphones and no audio in so, need to use a USB sound card like Digirig and the touch pad is sensitive to some RF which has seen 7TW put ferrites on USB cable.

Overall it is excellent for what Justin want to use it for and will be about to use in the field on SOTA activation this coming weekend so hold that thought for a report next week.

We then demonstrated using the GPD MicroPC and the IC-705 for portable Digital operation with the firmware version 1.26 in the IC-705, running Dimension4 NTP software and WSJT-X 2.5.3 and we demonstrated making some FT8 connects on screen.

We then looked at the latest on the James Webb Telescope from the fantastic website about the deployment.

There were then some comments about the progress and experimentation with the 5.7GHz rig using high powered AV Senders & 400mm dishes. 

We finished with a reminder of the future contests and events.

We are operating through-out the holiday period and next week we have some more interesting tests you can do on your Coax with the NanoVNA, more 5.7GHz and 3.4GHz experiments and much more.

We go out on RF on 445.5MHz DVB-T 7MHz Standard Definition. So, if you have a TV, Set-top box or USB DTV Dongle that you can tune and scan 445.5MHz and you can see the Queens Domain, then you have a good chance of receiving the DATV Experimenter's Night Signal. Look out for VK7OTC. We also stream the nights on the REAST YouTube channel.

73, Justin, VK7TW 

Regular VK7 gatherings and events over the coming months:
Regular gatherings:

SOTA/WWFF Group – Meeting Mondays and Fridays 10.30-12.00 midday at Glebe Gardens Cafe, Henry St, Launceston.

NTARC – Friday coffee session – Rocherlea clubrooms Launceston from 10:00am

NTARC - Club Tech nights – Wednesday 23rd February from 19:30 hours in NTARC Clubrooms. 

NTARC TestNet and TECHNET – Wednesday 19th January. TestNet/CW course on 3580 from 7pm till 7.30pm….and a TECHNET on 3567 from 7.30pm till about 8.30pm.

NW VK7 – Wednesday from 2000 local – NW Tassie Amateur Repeater Group Net on VK7RMD

NW VK7 - Thursday commencing at 09:30 UTC (20:30 local) - N.W. Tassie 2m DX Net 144.190 USB (upper sideband).

REAST – MICROWAVE QSO Party – following after the Sunday broadcast on 1296.15 MHz FM.

REAST – WAGS – Wednesday Afternoon Group meet in the Queens Domain Clubrooms from 12 noon.

REAST – DATV Experimenters Nights from 7:30pm live in the club rooms also on DVBT RF and YouTube Streaming

Sewing Circle Net – Daily on 3.640 MHz commences at 6:00pm AEDST.

REAST - 30th January 2022 - REAST OPEN Day from 11am to 3pm

NWTARC - 5th February 2022 - Annual General Meeting from  1.30pm in the Scout Hall, 73 Alexander Road, Ulverstone.

REAST - 6th February 2022 - Annual General Meeting - Queens Domain Clubrooms from 11am followed by BYO BBQ

NTARC - 9th February 2022 - Annual General Meeting from 7:30pm in the NTARC Club Rooms, Rocherlea Scout Hall, Archer Street Rocherlea


A reminder to those people rostered for next weeks broadcast:

Newsreader: VK7FB

Repeaters: REAST, NTARC and in the NW thanks to N W T A R C, West Coast Radio Group, Cradle Coast Radio Amateur Radio Club, VK7AX, and VK7DC

160m: VK7GS

80m: VK7DG

40m: VK7TPE

20m: VK7ALH

10m: VK7JGD


DMR: Talk Group 5 and D-Star: Reflector 91C VK7ZCR


You can hear this broadcast again on Tuesday night at 8:00pm on repeaters VK7RAA in Northern VK7 and VK7RTC in Southern VK7.

A huge thank you to all people and organisations that assisted with this broadcast.


That concludes our VK7 Amateur Radio News Broadcast for this week.

You have been listening to or have just missed VK7WI. Next week the National WIA news can be heard at 0900 followed by the VK7 Amateur Radio News around 0930 hours.

Items for the broadcast can be emailed to vk7arnews(at)

Further information about the broadcast can be found at the VK7 Amateur Radio News Groups.IO Group.

The deadline for items is 21:00 on Friday prior to the Sunday of the broadcast.

VK7WI is now closing but will reopen shortly for callbacks and relay reports. Callbacks will be taken on the frequency to which you are listening. Relay stations will use their own callsigns during the callback.

On behalf of the VK7 Amateur Radio News Team its 73 and Stay Safe from Idris, VK7ZIR.


           (Posted to the packet network courtesy Tony VK7AX)

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