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Subj: Ever Growing TV Adverts
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By G8MNY                                       (Updated Jan 09)
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In recent years here in the UK, with the advent of digital TV, with its higher
costs & the increase in channels, it seems that this has greatly reduced the
stations net income (ITV nearly went broke & CH4 is struggling?). The result
seems to be a series of almost never ending adverts interrupted by mediocre &
copycat programmes! Here are some of the possible causes..

 Viewers                                    Viewers
 Per ch                                      Per ch
  10m ┤''''˙˙˙..       Poor Program          5m ┤             .˙'
   3m ┤  Growth '˙.      Decline             4m ┤          .˙'
   1m ┤ in viewers ''˙._                     3m ┤       .˙'
 300k ┤                 '─._                 2m ┤    .˙'           Typical
 100k ┤                     ~-._             1m ┤ .˙'              Ad Rev
     0┼──┬──┬──┬──┬──┬──┬──┬──┬─Stations       0┼───┬───┬───┬───┬─ per min
      1  2  4  8 16 31 64 128 256               0  40k 80k 120k 160k ť

Initially with a few more stations there are worth while alternate programmes
to watch & there are more viewers in total. But as the choice gets to great the
viewers per channel thins down past a point where the income from advert
revenue can no longer support new good programmes. Like Global Warming, this
could be a catastrophic decline with NO recovery!

Attempts to shore up station's income with more adverts (permitted by Ofcom
regulator) have lead to this sort of thing..

100%┤˙˙˙˙...     Switching
    │       ''˙˙. Ch Viewer
 50%┤            '˙. Loss        Advert &
    │               '˙˙..._____  Trailers
    0  2  4  6  8 10 12 14 16 18 Min/Hr

As the adverts brakes get longer there is more viewer channel switching (indeed
the national power supply grid has to predict kettle loads on TV ad breaks),
Channel hopping during adverts is reduced as most commercial channels run
synchronised breaks, to reduce the chance of viewers finding a better programme
to watch. As this is so anoying, there are now real time video recorders the
can hop over adverts etc. not helping the commercial channels at all.     

From the above predictable graphs, it does not matter what the stations do,
there is only so much cake, (indeed a similar ploy was done by the UK Post a
few years back & put up stamps only to find it lead to drop in net income) &
the policy of more stations, will always lead to poor cheaper programmes, full
of low revenue adverts.

The regulator Ofcom who should be setting policy & standards on behalf of the
UK viewers, but it has a visible vested interest in station licence income for
its masters (hidden tax), so viewer satisfaction & programme quality will
always be a background aim in reality, no matter what is said publicly.

Is it any wonder that many free to air commercial stations only put out ex BBC
programmes (already paid for by the licence fee 1st time around) or cheaper
American stuff. Indeed many channel owners now offer a +1hr channel rather than
an alternate channel to keep cost down. (Is this really worthy of a 2nd channel
licence? Should'nt the spectrum/bandwidth be give to someone else instead?)

Also alternative station income from expensive phone in or almost gambling
quizzes (& law breaking) to the many all night gambling programmes are a clear
example of desperation faced to make money anyhow by stations.

Why Don't U send an interesting bul?

73 de John G8MNY @ GB7CIP

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