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Subj: v1.07b13: crash on certain bulletin reads
Sent: 180819/0934z @:OE5XBL.#OE5.AUT.EU [St.Johann/Walde] obcm1.07b13
From: OE5HPM @ OE5XBL.#OE5.AUT.EU (Hannes)
X-Info: Sent with login password

I've observed these days that the mailbox at OE5XBL was down from time to 
Reason is, that the program was stopped by some exception. Attaching with the
debugger showed that this happened always at same read action from a user.

The user tried to readout a bulletin, with the content:

>Sent: 180807/1124Z 18176@KF5JRV.#NWAR.AR.USA.NA BPQK6.0.16
>From the Atlantic Missile Range in Cape Canaveral, Florida, the U.S. unmanned
>spacecraft Explorer 6 is launched into an orbit around the earth.

usually a bulletin has some header like this:

>Sent: 180819/0912z @:OE5XBL.#OE5.AUT.EU [St.Johann/Walde] obcm1.07b13
>From: OE5HPM @ OE5XBL.#OE5.AUT.EU (Hannes)
>To:   TMP

The From/To is missing in the suspect bulletin, looks like BPQK doesn't 
such a header. I don't know at this point if this is a bug of BPQ or not.
Nevertheless is think BCM should be robust against such things ;-)

All no problem until the content e.g. the bulletin-body doesn't start with 
of those keywords (From, To, and some more) from the header.

Otherwise the mabye long line ("From the Atlantic ....") gets into the header-
section and this gets catched by some error handler which stops the mailbox.

Try in your mailbox searching for this bulletin with:

d m "Today in History - Aug 7"

and read it out ... normally you will get some link-failure since bcm stops

I've made the bcm robust against this.
Since this is a serious thing i also incresed the version to 1.07b13.

The current source-code is available, as usual, at:

best 73,
hannes - oe5hpm

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