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BID : RCPYT7M__007
Subj: Forwarding bulletins as a user
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Despite my best efforts, I am not capable to enable
a user (myself) to send a bulletin from BCM to FBB
neighboring BBS. In fact, when using web browser at
the same machine wher BCM operates, a user is capable
to send a bulletin, however that bulletin never get
forwarded to the neighboring BBS. I remember that
Janusz SP1LOP suggested to check MAILFLAGS and
OPTIONFORWARD commands, but I did not find there
anything that prevents the bulletins to be fwd.
So now I am only able to fwd bulletins from BCM
to the other partner if I use BCT client terminal
instead of the web browser, *and* if I use the
callsign of the BBS (and not the user's callsign).

The next issue is with the Subject column width in
web browser. At the moment it is 21 character wide,
the same as in BCT terminal. Although I understand
that in the BCT is not enough space for the Subject
to be wider than that, I wonder if in the browser
window the Subject column might be streched to 30
characters (such as in FBB) or even more. Btw, I do
not care if BCT would strip its appearance back to
21 char or whatever.

Any suggestion to the above issues? Thanks.


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